Locknuts And Lockwashers

  • Bearing Type:Locknuts And Lockwashers
  • Inner Diameter(id):0.5mm - 4000mm, Support Customized
  • Outer Diameter(od):0.5mm - 8000mm, Support Customized
  • Width/thickness(t):0.5mm - 5000mm, Support Customized
  • Origin Place:Wuxi or Dalian or Shandong , China
  • Delivery Scope:Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania
  • Pack Solution:Single, Barrel, Paper Roll, Bulk
  • Global Payment:T/T, Paypal, L/C, Western Union
     Locknuts and lockwashers

    ESE Bearings are often fit to a shaft with an adapter
    sleeve, locknut, lockwasher or lock plate.
    These accessories make it easy to attach and remove
    They are standardized in JIS.
    • Locknuts are standardized such that they can be
    used with either adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves
    or shafts.
    • Lockwashers and lock plates are used as locks on
    Lockwashers are used with bearings of bore diameter
    number 40 or lower. Lock plates are used with those of
    bore diameter 44 or higher.